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Cockblocked by Barcelona

We haven’t even made it over and already this trip is pissing me off, lol. Mind you, its the fault of one particular website, namely, Travelocity. I tried to book a room that suddenly became sold out and was told to try again. Oooooookay. Pero, why is there a hold on my bank acct for the cost of the room? I wasn’t going to try again w/o being sure I wasn’t going to be charged twice.

Called their customer service and this lovely girl told me that, since there was no confirmation number given, the reservation didn’t go through and the charge would be reversed within 24-48 hrs. The “sold out” room kept showing up as available every time I searched. She said it was probably the particular room I was holding as I tried to make a reservation that sold out and that’s why a room was still showing up as available. If I tried again, another hold would be put on my bank acct for the room fee but the other one, that didn’t go through, would be reversed as she said. She double checked my travelocity acct and, indeed, I had no hotel reservation; the money had been requested from my bank and approved but then declined from travelocity because the room wasn’t available. Oooooookay.

So I tried again. ONE FUCKING GUESS AS TO WHAT HAPPENED. ONE. IF YOU GUESSED THAT THE ROOM WAS, ONCE AGAIN, SOLD OUT…YOU’D BE RIGHT. And, of course, another fucking hold for that amount was put on my bank acct. ANOTHER ONE, WTAF?! My guess is that the room is 100% sold out but their site is not registering it for some reason. Which, while highly annoying, happens. I can move beyond that but how can I feel comfortable continuing to attempt booking a room with this money hold thing happening? How many other things aren’t updating properly? How many charges am I going to have to wait to have reversed on my bank acct? What happens if they DON’T get reversed and I end up having to fight with them and/or my bank to get this shit off my bank acct? Your damned real I made her put in all of this info into my travelocity acct and give me a reference number for this call. I will be the first one to call back and bitch if my money isn’t put back by Tuesday night. So fucking disappointed with their service right now. Guess that’s why I haven’t really used them in years. Reminder internalized.

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