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2012 GOP: “Empty chair lynchings.”

At least two recent incidents in which empty chairs were hung from trees by rope have critics decrying what they say are racially offensive displays meant to symbolize the “lynching” of President Barack Obama.

In Austin, Texas, a homeowner hung an empty folding chair from a tree branch in front of his house and later attached an American flag to it. He reportedly told a Democratic political blogger who inquired about it: “You can take [your concerns] and go straight to hell and take Obama with you.”




How Barack Obama Made His Fortune

I’m tired of talking about the horrors of Mitt Romney.  Let’s talk about a dude who made his money honestly (which we know because he’s released his tax returns for all to see).  How did he get rich?  By writing books and investing wisely.  And then when he decided owning a million or two was enough (Romney is worth over $200 million for comparison), gave all of his Nobel Peace Prize money to charity.

All.  Of.  It.  Which if he hadn’t, it would have approximately doubled his worth.  So basically he gave away half of what he owned to charity that day. 

So when this guy says he’s trying to help the lower and middle classes, whether or not I think his ideas will work, at least I know he really believes in what he says he does.

you’re a nice president

oh my god. wowwww. <3

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