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Context for the Margot Verger scenes in “Su-zakana”


From the book Hannibal, which takes place after Silence of the Lambs. Look, this is upsetting. I’m still angry that this was inflicted on my unsuspecting mind back in the day, and I’m REALLY UNHAPPY that I read it again just now. Basically, trigger warnings six ways from Sunday, but here’s a few key passages from the book Hannibal explaining who Mason Verger is and what happened to him, since the show is currently in the time frame of his back story. SPOILERS, because the point of having him on this season would be for us to see at least some of these events happen on the show. So I’m going to have you click through to see screencaps of the ebook, because I can’t look at this anymore and I don’t want to post it on open Tumblr, either. I guess I’m kind of like, you’re gonna hear it from someone; you might as well hear it from someone willing to warn for it.

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